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Warm Up Exercises and Stretches needed!

2020/06/12, 11:02 AM
Hey im Larissa (call me Lary) and i need help finding a warm up routine. I have a workout routine that I am really happy with as i eat healthy and am not overweight and it is quick and easy to do. My problem is that i really need a warm up routine. A few days ago i stertched till my toes and normally i could stretch till nearly my toes but i couldnt this time. I need a warm up and stretches, as that is healthier anyways, or? Do you ahve any personal warm ups you like? Please help. <3
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2020/06/26, 03:10 PM
Hello Lary,

I typically do some light stretching and a light set or two of whatever exercise I plan on doing prior to lifting with a challenging weight.