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torn bicep tendon?

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2020/07/11, 09:38 AM
I just had a complete distal tear in my right bicep repaired.  Today was the first day I've seen it out of a cast. My concern is that it doesn't seem to completely fill out anymore.  Will this correct itself with rehabilitation? I've been into bodybuilding since a teenager and it may seem vain but it is very important to me.


WAYNE-O I had mine repaired 11 weeks ago and I am noticing a remaining gap in my bicep near the forearm as well. At times it looks similar to before the surgery, but it depends which way my arm is positioned and whether the wrist is supinated. My bicep is still smaller and doesn’t feel like it wants to contract when I flex, but I can see it working similar to my good arm, I’m just really concerned that the surgery wasn’t done the best or perhaps the tendon retracted slightly allowing some slack compared to its natural tension on the radius. I see the surgeon in 12 days and I will ask a lot of questions in hopes this is all normal at this stage of the recovery, and that in time once I’m able to train properly that the bicep will regain some length as it grows. BTW I too was a competitive bodybuilder so I can totally relate to your concern. We put a lot of time and dedication into our bodies and it’s normal to want your arm to not only feel it’s best, but look it’s best as well ! If anyone else can chime in on a similar experience please do. Thanks everyone !
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