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To find the correct way

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2012/09/18, 04:04 AM
Hi frnds and I am very new to thIs group.... And my problem is I have been doing 150 push uPs per day for six months and no result and my chest is normal. I want to increase my chest size thank u .....:)
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2012/10/02, 01:41 AM
YOu have to change up your routine.  Your body seems to have gotten use to it now.  What is your nutrition like?  How are you eating?  Are you feeding your body the proper protein to help it grow muscle or just doing whatever?  Try doing some bench press with free weights or resistance bands, do the same for incline bench and decline bench, and grab some dumb bells to do some flat chest fly sets.  This will definitely help you work your chest out and get you results as long as you are eating correctly, if you are not eating correctly it is going to be extremely difficult to see good results.  Also, give you body time to rest...when you work out your chest you should work it really hard and then revisit it the next week, the same with any of your muscle groups.  Pick a day for each muscle group and then work them really hard on that day and then doing again the next week, you should see really good results of you do this.  BUT you have to be eating healthy and correctly.