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Officially introduce yourself to the community by sharing your goals, obstacles or accomplishments. Don't be shy.. we're all here for the same reason. The more support we share the easier it will be to reach our goals!

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This can’t be happening!

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2019/07/08, 11:02 AM
Hello, my name is Tracy and I am rejoining this website for the umpteenth time. I’ve been steadily gaining weight for the past 18 years and have had very little success at taking off weight. In the last 5 years, my personal life has been overloaded and stressful and that’s when I saw the most aggressive weight gain and lost a lot of my motivation to go out and move beyond going to work (I stand all day and walk some there. No desk job). I was just diagnosed with prediabetes and am working on my diet and supplemental support. But in these last five years, the biggest hit my body took was on my knees. I don’t know what exercises I can do to strengthen my knees and I am looking for great nutrition advice for building the cartilage back up in my legs and feet. This is frustrating because I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Although now it feels like 1 forward and 3 back. Menopause is also changing the way my body responds to exercise and stress so I’m feeling like there’s so many moving parts I don’t know what to try to nail down first.