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The Power Of Cinnamon

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2012/05/01, 01:01 AM (Edited: AeDani - 2012/08/29, 03:20 AM)
Cinnamon is a spice derived from the inner bark of cinnamomum trees native to South East Asia. In biblical times it was used in scented oils and so highly prized that it was considered to be a gift fit for a king. Cinnamon is most commonly used in culinary recipes, however, many people enjoy the aroma of this popular spice and you can find it in an assortment of products from candles, hand soaps, toothpaste, air fresheners, among many others.

According to the Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio, in test subjects who were given 250 mg of water soluble cinnamon daily, they discovered a 13% to 23% increase in antioxidants linked to decreasing blood sugar levels. The University of Birmingham in London found that cinnamon can be used to reduce the glycemic index of a meal up to 29% and in a study by the USDA they reported evidence that, by consuming a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon daily, levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides, in individuals with type two diabetes were lowered. Individuals who take anti-clotting medications should not use cinnamon as it contains coumarin, a compound known to thin the blood.

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Great information, thanks for posting.