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Stay at home mommy needs motivation

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2016/01/21, 12:11 PM
Hello everyone, I'm a stay at home mom with a 1 year old. I can't seem to have any energy or motivation to do any workout. I lack sleep, I'm always tired. Is there anything I can change with my daily routine? My only workout that I get is by cleaning the house that's all, but I want to do more for myself. Please help!
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2017/12/06, 07:00 AM
Hi! I'm a stay at home mom also! I have two little ones (2 year old and an 8 months old). Finding time and energy can be a challenge. The key I've found to making time for things i want/need to do is planning and routine. I bought a planner and a notebook and I list my top three priorities for that day (limit this number, it's important), my daily tasks (dishes, laundry, feeding the animals etc), and then I stick to a routine. 

I don't know how mobile your little one is. My boy was up and walking around at 6 months, my girl has no interest in even crawling at 8 so....
If possible fit your workouts in at naptime, if you can quarantine your little one in a play pen or safe space for 30 minutes while you work out do that! (They won't suffer for being alone 30 min.) You can also definitely incorporate stroller walks as a cardio which gets both you and the baby some fresh air!

My big tip is to tackle your priorities early, get going in the morning, make sure you are drowning yourself in bottles of water, and don't be afraid to strap them into a baby chair, turn on baby einstein, and get your workout in. 

Good luck, I'm happy to talk anytime!