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So how you doing workout now a days

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2014/02/27, 11:20 PM
Today mostly everyone is curious about health, but many are not working on it, some are using wrong methods to stay healthy. Crash diets are worst among them. How many of you are working under guidance of a fitness trainer?

Marco Guizar - Fitness trainer and owner at Fitsom Studios/
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2014/03/03, 01:03 AM (Edited: Ravenbeauty - 2014/03/03, 01:03 AM)
Hi Marco, what most don't believe today to still be true is health and fitness is a way of life, a lifetime commitment change not a temporary fix.  Once people learn to eat healthy and exercise daily (even at a limit) they will never be satisfied with their yo yo results they have to constantly keep working on every few months. 

What are your practices?