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Seemingly stuck

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2012/07/16, 04:56 AM
Hello all. Hoping perhaps someone can offer a little advice on what I may be missing or perhaps my next step towards my goal. I suppose I should start off by giving the basics. I'm 33yrs old and not too terribly long ago had a complete ACL and meniscus rebuild surgery. While I was rehabbing I packed on about 40 pounds and due to some post surgical complications I have been having issues getting it back off now. 

Heres a run down of the stuff that I have been doing so far and where I started at:
Starting weight: 235

Current weight: 218

Supplements: None

Diet: High protein and low carbs with almost no processed food and plenty of water. Paying attention to portion sizes. I'm also doing 2-24hr fasts through the week with no caloric intake during the 24hr period.

Exercise: Daily work outs have varied but at a minimum of 30 mins moderate to high intensity exercise daily. I've recently started a 4 day a week hr long cardio work out on an eliptical. On my off days I do weight training on those 3 days. My weight training has been focusing on a rotation of days where I push (bench press, military press, etc) and days where I pull (tricep pulldowns, dead lifts, etc)

Equiptment: I have access to a complete gym and pool.

My goal is to burn off the acumulated fat I put on and get down to a max weight of 185 and with everything I have been doing my loss has seemed to stall on me. Putting on muscle is something I would love to do as well but getting the excess weight under control is more important right now. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I seem to be stuck.
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2012/07/16, 12:15 PM
Why the fasts? Your body needs fuel or else it goes on lockdown, storing what it can when it gets it.

Eating clean is great but I'd suggest eliminating the fasts, look at your protein and decide if its causing you to sacrifice nutrients.

I'd also consider mixing in different cardio as well. Your body will adapt to routine and become efficient at using energy if you follow the same routine.

Ie ever notice that as you run, it gets a little easier? You breathe easier?
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2012/07/16, 05:10 PM
The fasts give me more flexibility in my diet allowing me to eat more things that I enjoy and keep me from having to be on some insane restrictive diet. As far as the danger at sacrificing nutients it isn't an issue because all the fasts really do is cut out my lunch on 2 days and I eat the stuff that I need the rest of the time. This has actually been one of the few things that made the biggest impact for me personally with my weight loss. 

I do plan to switch up the cardio once I get into the routine a bit. My thought was to eventually rotate between eliptical and stationary bike. If I get to a point where my knee feels stable enough I plan to throw in the treadmill.

As far as my difficulty levels and body adjusting I find myself doing a lot of interval training and I'm always pushing myself harder so that I do not adjust and get settled in.

Appreciate the ideas and input.