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Problems gaining muscle.

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2017/05/13, 02:53 AM (Edited: Nietdavid - 2017/05/13, 01:02 PM)
Hello guys,
I'm a 20 year old guy, I have been going to the gym intensively for the last 5 months or more, but the thing is that I can't seem to put on muscle as i'd wanted to.
I've been doing sports since young so I can say that I've always been 'active'.
I've modified my diet during this last 5 months, the amount of sugar or alcohol beverages that i've drank during that time can be counted in one hand, I only eat chicken breasts, tuna, red meats, veggies, spaghettis, quinoa, sweet potatoes, etc; the supposedly best food out there. I know 5 months isn't a lot but I'm starting to get frustrated about when I'm going to start to see changes.
My current weight averages 75kg(165lbs) and I'm 1,78m(5'10)
I'm in the army since 2015 and when we run with heavy backpacks I feel how much stronger I am, My legs used to hurt a lot before after runningg with heavy things, now it's okay.
I can do 25 pullups maybe up to 100 pushups or even more, etc, by this I mean I know I'm getting stronger but theres no significant muscle growth.
I don't weigh my food by the way I kind of use the fist method, could that be the problem? Not getting enough carbs or proteins?
I'm been following before 12week transformations and all(from bodybuilding dot com, I also ate all the foods that they told me to eat, no big results.) I'm going to try this site now for the next months, I hope it makes a difference.
And one last thing to say, I'm
Sorry for the long post and thanks a lot!
Sorry for my english too if it isn't that good, I'm spanish :).
2017/08/14, 10:55 AM
How often are you eating and how heavy are you lifting? If you're trying to gain, don't weigh your food. Just eat. 5 to 7 small meals a day and lift HEAVY!
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2017/10/10, 05:32 PM
I'm just starting up again, and I'm 13 just wondering, how much is being lifted, and how often? It may be different since I'm younger but when I did some working out, and I gained from exercising almost everyday. I ate when I got hungry, but nothing too unhealthy if it ever was unhealthy at all
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2017/10/28, 10:22 AM
Muscle gain is a very slow process don't expect more than 9-10 kgs a year (normal diet)... so how many kgs you think you have gained? What's the difference in your weight 5 months ago?