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optimal Rest?

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2018/05/24, 01:32 AM (Edited: JSloth - 2018/05/24, 07:31 AM)
What is optimal rest for recovering your muscles. Obviously i would think this is dominated by your goals. But if I want to build muscles through weight training and do some cardio on my "rest days" for weight loss would that inhibit my muscles from growing / recovering? 

Should you have complete rest days throughout the week? 

What is the optimal number of days to workout in a week? 

When should you take your rest? after every second / third workout? every week? If its okay to workout hypotheticly 7 days a week and then you have a rest period, how long should that be for? a day? 

What is the optimal rest period and at what time should you take it for optimal recovery / growing and weight loss.