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Dealing with injuries and learning how to avoid them is extremely important!

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Multiple injuries wont heal,suggestions?

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2017/10/21, 11:01 PM (Edited: adubbs24 - 2017/10/21, 11:03 PM)
Over the last couple of years I have torn muscles in my back in a couple places,one in my shoulder blade / neck,another in my shoulder thats been reinjured twice,messed up both of my knees,and have spained my ankles multiple times. I have gone to physical therapy for months and they have discharged me because they think it wasnt helping enough to keep going.
That being said,I really want to get back into exercising,riding my bike,sports etc. but i have so many injuries that i dont know where to start without aggravating something,I tried doing those band things around my legs and doing like a sideways walk thing,well i got about 10 of them in and then pulled something in my hip,so thats a no go,i tried just walking for a while ,i get to the end of the driveway and my knee is killing me,i try a few crunches and my back starts spasming,once i even slightly dislocated my shoulder doing arm,does anyone have some excersises i can try to keep my body from withering away without hurting my my back,knee, shoulders,or hips ?

oh and did I mention I'm 18 years old :D