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lots of help please anyone..

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Joined: 2012/11/15
2012/11/15, 07:44 PM
I'm very new to this website and I'm new to the work out world as well.

My goal is to be healthy that's all, so I can live a long life.

I'm about 145 pounds and my height is about 5'2 
I have a big butt, big thighs, and a small waist and big boobs as well

I would love to keep my body just shed like 10-15 poounds but while im doing that i want to make my waist even smaller and make my stomach tight and toned with no fat and also i would like to keep my butt just make it hard and toned and firm and i want my legs to be toned and a little slimmer,, but is that possible without loosing my butt?

Please anyone guide me or help me in any right directions so I can start working out and knowing what to do without being a lost puppy 

Thanks so much, any help is great help :D
2018/02/14, 10:04 AM
So, big butt, thick thighs, small waist and big boobs. On top of that you're tiny (5'2"). Besides that sounding amazing; I don't think I understand the question...