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lean muscle mass

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2012/09/04, 10:21 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Ed.

I was ill and lost a bunch of weight and more muscle then I would like. I want to add some lean muscle mass but at the same time prepare to train for a half-marathon. What do you think the best gym/cardio routines would be? Also I am looking for nutrition advice that doesn't include taking supplements. I appreciate any advice.
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2012/10/02, 01:49 AM
Hi Ed,

I would suggest cardio wegith lifiting.  It's the same principle as cardio workouts but you have less rest time in between sets, like circuits.  That will help you traing your heart rate and help you grow lean muscle.  For nutrition, you need protein, I suggest turkey, peanuts, salmon, and chicken.  You should also looking into kale, spinach, and whole grains for good source of fiber.   I recommend high vegetable intake with fruits and lots of berries, and try juicing various fruits and vegetables for smoothies and drinks.  Plenty of water.  And, only eat your serving size when you are eating, you might need to eat 5 to 6 meals a day, but still only eat your serving size and you should see great results.  Try to get most of your carbs in before the middle of the afternoon since they take longer to digest and burn off.