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Since teens and lately even elementary kids are looking for ways to escape the bullying of how much they weigh or what they look like by dieting or exercising, I've created Kid-Teen Help.

At K-T H you will find help for:
- Weight loss
- Motivation
- Excercise
- Diets/Nutrition/food in general
- All Ages from Kindergarten-19 years old
- And anything else you need

Also we will post links to some youtube videos and other sites that can help with:
- push-ups
- pull-ups
- sit-ups
- over all fitness
- etc.

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2020/06/29, 01:28 AM
hello im a 13 year old girl, im 5'10, and arond 230-250 pounds. i hate myself and i want to lose weight so i look better next year. i have always been chubby, and i hate being bullied.......... PLEASE help me :(