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Since teens and lately even elementary kids are looking for ways to escape the bullying of how much they weigh or what they look like by dieting or exercising, I've created Kid-Teen Help.

At K-T H you will find help for:
- Weight loss
- Motivation
- Excercise
- Diets/Nutrition/food in general
- All Ages from Kindergarten-19 years old
- And anything else you need

Also we will post links to some youtube videos and other sites that can help with:
- push-ups
- pull-ups
- sit-ups
- over all fitness
- etc.

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  • In my Flog I posted: p90x for free?
    Check it out, because you can get it...for free!
    RavenDC RavenDC 2012/06/29
  • I challenge everyone to follow the 7 weeks to 100 oush - ups. Complete the initial test and then begin. Only three days a week...Here is the url:
    RavenDC RavenDC 2012/06/25