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Sticky Help with testing Android app

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2020/03/04, 10:15 AM
Dear community. We have been working on an app which can help you bring your FT workout to the gym in a more convenient app format, as opposed to having to browse the website in a browser on your phone.

Although it's still at a very early stage, the app has been published to Google Play store and it is available for testing and initial feedback.  If you would like to participate in the testing, please send an email to from your email address associated with your Google Play android account. I will then add your email address to the list of testers and send you an invitation link.

I would really appreciate this early testing, even though the app is not in a final state yet. The main functionality is there (logging in, creating new accounts, creating workouts, changing workouts, browsing exercises, browsing calendar).  Saving workout progress has not yet been implemented and I will decide later if it will be, based on how many people use the app and how many people need this feature.

Feel free to discuss the app directly in here, or to send me feedback via email.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support.