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Help? PT, Trainer, or self-education?

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2020/08/14, 10:09 PM
Where do I get help? How do I find a competent trainer? Or where do I find the materials to just educate myself?
Short version: I have seen 5 physical therapists. What I WANT is an exercise program to follow; like these stretches for now, then you can do x,y,z until you can work up to doing deadlifts, squats, bench, etc etc.; I get given the same software printouts of different stretches by PTs & told do those & whatever at the gym. I basically get the PTs don't have the time (or the knowledge?) to tell me what to do at the gym. Between the gym trainer & the various PTs no idea of what that 'whatever' at the gym should be - I keep getting injured.

This last time it was a muscle fever? Doing only some exercises aiming to strenghten the rotar cuff, as that was my best guess as to pains/problems I was having with e.g. shoulder pops doing a shoulder press (w/o weight even). I missed two days of work & have been in serious pain for a week. 
I made an appointment with the physical therapist, then canceled it a day before, knowing I was not going to get what I need/want out of the visit & would feel even worse for being no better off but all the further away from affording to move so I can get real work.

I can't do endless 75$+ cycles of come back next week for a few more stretches... 

33yo male. 
Fell on my back many years ago (6 to 10+?). Spinal compression injury. Cycles of back pain since.
Life threatening infection, bed ridden for months, fairly emaciated from that & severe depresssion (4 years ago?). Cycles of backpain & lots of weak muscles. 
This pain puts me in poverty & because I am in poverty I have discontinued the Physical Therapist as soon as I am feeling well enough to manage. 
I have been trying my own at body building to build strength all around, as well as for appearance & have been hitting a wall. I can't complete the same sets of deadlifts for backpain & neck pain, squats for knee pain, benches can give back pain, shoulder pops doing presses & can get painful, etc etc. For a while I was improving & seeing gains, now I can't get in a good session without pain or feeling like an injury may occur. I am stuck & will probably just end up going to the gym & choosing what to do on impulse as usual as I can't just stay frozen doing nothing. Each week I look for another physical therapist, but I don't know what to ask/tell & they will always just say whatever it takes to get you to pay to see them & often literally do nothing (that worthless PT was heartbreaking & I wondered if it was lawsuit worthy - absolutely no help & a "come back next week"). None of the Trainers I've found online locally seem to have knowlege of injuries, or training non-healthy poeple. & my family doctor is absolutely no help beyond to say I'm "healthy" other then my bad back/neck & he can offer a referal to a very expensive & equally worthless to the rest PT. 
Where do I look, who do I ask? Every professional I can find/contact around here is absolutely incompetent.

I am willing to drive to the next city on my weekends to find someone competent. I'll pay anything if it's not a scam esp if it were possible to agree to payment after their advice turns out to help. Am I looking for a Physical Therapist? A Trainer with PT background or qualifications? The library here literally has no books on exercises or physical therapy; I would have to order them. The internet is a sea of pay walls; I could spend hours reading materials that ultimately don't help me. 
I really feel like I need someone there as I do each exercise of my program to make sure I am not doing them in a way to injure myself unconsciously. 

Do I just go to a university & beg to speak to a professor that teaches physical therapy or something? I am really so overwhelmed, lost & not finding help to be desperate enough to try that too.