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help please. belly fat

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Joined: 2014/11/25
2014/11/25, 04:05 AM
Hi.. I am 23 and I am doing regular exercise 45mins.. I am also cutting down my calories.
I do exercises like crunches, elliptical bike, Russian twists, thigh lifts..
Inspire of doing all these I am just not losing my belly fat.. I am medical student n have a stressful life. Can anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong and how to effectively do exercising and get flat belly and slim thighs.
I am not overweight. I am 50. And I never had this problem of fat accumulation. Just since these last few years it started troubling me.

PS. I have a big event in February. I need flat tummy for that
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United States
2016/06/11, 04:52 AM
After takin your meal walk for some time. Don't immediately go on bed. Focus on those exercise which will hekp in reducing belly like Reverse crunch, verticla leg crunch and exercise ball crunch.