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Since teens and lately even elementary kids are looking for ways to escape the bullying of how much they weigh or what they look like by dieting or exercising, I've created Kid-Teen Help.

At K-T H you will find help for:
- Weight loss
- Motivation
- Excercise
- Diets/Nutrition/food in general
- All Ages from Kindergarten-19 years old
- And anything else you need

Also we will post links to some youtube videos and other sites that can help with:
- push-ups
- pull-ups
- sit-ups
- over all fitness
- etc.

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2020/06/16, 08:42 PM
im sixteen and im 297 pounds 
 i hate myself 
i dont wanna be like this 
please help me 
i don't have the motivation to keep on going
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2020/10/08, 01:43 PM
i know how you feel but you really don't need too!!! Hey, I know it is hard to workout when your friends are probably not, but if you do online school you have plenty of time. I would recommend planning out when to workout and from there find a program you really enjoy and stick with it! Other activitives that you love and keep you active are great too! Do something you enjoy!!! Try with something small like walking for 10 minutes a day and then work up from there!!!