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Stay motivated! Have you made a new years resolution to start a new workout program? Are you still waiting to start it? Have you already started it and are now having trouble keeping it up? We would like to help you during this period by creating a group for people facing similar challenges.

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Gym work out with a weak back

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2019/06/23, 02:01 PM
Hi,I am a 35 yr old male, weight 120 kg and am 180 cm tall. Until around 6 yrs back, i was fairly active in a variety of sports and was quite fit. However, a variety of factors such as sickness, work pressure, and a very severe L5S1 herniated disc led me to completely quit exercising. The disc needed microdiscetomy surgery.I am now trying to get back in shape but am quite concerned about my back. I consulted the surgeon who had performed my surgery and he said while the back should have healed by now, the disc herniation was quite severe and i need to take precautions in terms of not putting any twisting motion to my back or working with heavy loads. Could you suggest a good work out which will help me lose weight, gain strength and perhaps make me look somewhat fit?At the moment i am taking it really safe so i normally go the gym every alternate days and stretch, run/walk on the tread mill for an hour, then workout with the selector machines i see free with light weight setting, lift some 5 kg dumb bells (curls, shoulder press etc) and then do 50 body weight squats. On the days, i dont go to the gym i walk and stretch a bit. I feel i am approaching the gym workout in a very unorganized manner and will struggle to gain much from it. I tried shifting to 7,5 kg dumb bells but while i managed to to 15-20 reps with them I came how with some pain in my lower back.Please help and advise.Thanks in advance.Regards,Wireliner