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Stay motivated! Have you made a new years resolution to start a new workout program? Are you still waiting to start it? Have you already started it and are now having trouble keeping it up? We would like to help you during this period by creating a group for people facing similar challenges.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your goals, age and gender, as long as you'd like to try to stay motivated with the rest of us.

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  • Calling all challenge members!

    It's hard to tell how many people are still interested in this challenge just from looking at the discussion forums in our group, but it seems that the interest is slowly dropping. I really hope that you haven't given up!

    As you all know, being fit is not about the one-week phase that everyone goes through every January, but rather a lifestyle change which can be maintained throughout the year.

    So let's get back to the program! Just because we're now in February, it doesn't mean that you can't start again. We're all hoping to see more faces in the daily check-in discussion!
    Adrian Adrian 2016/02/19
  • Hello everyone. We are now two weeks into our transformation/motivation challenge and I thought I'd create a new discussion where we can write about what kind of progress we have made since the start.

    How is everyone feeling?
    Are you still keeping up your training plan?
    Have you given up and need some motivation to try and get started again?

    I hope you will share your experiences with us! You will find the new discussion in this group, it's marked as "sticky".
    Adrian Adrian 2016/01/25
  • Dear highly motivated group members,

    We are now on day 3 into our challenge. It hasn't been too long, but every day counts, especially at the beginning of this challenge. It's very easy to give up after just a couple of days.

    I really hope that your 2016 transformation challenge is going as planned, and if not, maybe we can help. Join in the discussion, share your experiences, and we will be there to support you further.

    I'm looking forward to a successful transformation for all of the group members!

    - Adrian
    Adrian Adrian 2016/01/12