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Officially introduce yourself to the community by sharing your goals, obstacles or accomplishments. Don't be shy.. we're all here for the same reason. The more support we share the easier it will be to reach our goals!

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getting older, getting better

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2018/05/09, 03:05 PM
I just joined,I am 58, in good, strong shape, want to lose the last 10 or so lbs.I have lost 25 lbs. since having a hip replacement.I exercise everyday, Pilates, yoga,beginner  HIIT, weights.. whatever mood I am in. Looking good but can't lose the last of the belly bulge,hope this plan works.
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2018/05/10, 01:17 PM
Welcome Lisawils, sounds like you are doing really well and have seen good progress.  It's usually the last 10 lbs. that can be the hardest!!  The last 10 really comes down to eating a very clean diet and what often helps is writing down exactly what you eat all day monitoring calories intake vs. calories used throughout the day.

Keep at it I'm sure you will get rid of those last pesky pounds.