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2015/05/04, 06:55 PM
Hi.  New to forums.  Was wondering...of the following, what is the most efficient option?
1) working out on the same treadmill and gradually increasing pace, weekly or monthly, for the same exact distance as original course - would result in same distance at increasingly more difficult pace but in less time,

2j) same treadmill, same 3.5 mph pace, but lengthening distance - longer total time,


3) same 3.5 mph pace, same length of time, but gradually adding weight by wearing a back pack so that added weight + current body weight is approximately the same as starting weight?

Sorry for rambling.  Friends and I were tossing this question around recently.
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2015/06/02, 12:54 PM
well if you have any issues like knee problems or back problems the tredmill would be lower impact. but if your perfectly healthy the walking and adding weight would be effective. my problem is staying motivated.