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Coffee & Weights

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2018/04/02, 09:46 PM
Hey everyone,

My name is Nicole! I originally found this site looking for work out regimens since I think part of the reason I stopped working out for so long was because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing in the gym. I have been pleasantly surprised to see the community aspect of this site!

I used to work out very regularly in college, but once I graduated I slowed down significantly. I always feel too tired to go to the gym. I’m a labor and delivery nurse that works nights so you can imagine how exhausting that life can be. Working the night shift not only screws with my sleep schedule, but it also screwed with my metabolism because of all of my weird eating times. So all in all, I have definitely gained weight since starting my full time job almost two years ago. I also have a history of severe anxiety and depression that sneaks up on me every so often. This also makes it very hard for me to get out of bed when I’m feeling so tired and anxious.

I’m really hoping to feed off all of your motivation here and hopefully help someone else as well. I am also hoping that starting to exercise will make me feel more confident in myself and reduce the amount of anxiety and depression I’ve been experiencing lately while giving me more energy!

I know I have a lot to change within me, eating habits are no exception, but I’m ready for a change. Coffee and weights are going to be my new life lines. Today was the start of my change and it feels so good! I really hope to get to know some of you and your stories throughout my time on this site! It was oh so nice to meet you all!
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2018/04/03, 10:10 AM
Welcome to Freetrainers Nicole!!  Glad to have you.  I think it's great you are making efforts to get back into shape.  My hats off to ya for being a labor and delivery nurse, my wife and I have 4 kids so I know how hectic it can be at times with those pregnant mama's in the hospital.

I used to work night shift and I will say it was by far the toughest shift I ever worked.  There were some on my team that loved it but not me.  I would have issues sleeping during the day and just always felt tired.  I then moved on to weekend which was much better and now just standard daylight hours. 

Exercising can increase serotonin production which can help with depression and anxiety, not a cure but hopefully helpful.  So you getting back to the gym may improve the overall feeling better, better shape, better figure, better stamina and stronger but also mentally it can give a real boost and be a stress reducer.  

Good luck on your plan, stick with it....6 months from now if you do you will have no regrets!!  Keep us updated on how things are going, looking forward to hearing the progress made.