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Think about which one is truly your goal.

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Cheat Now.. Burn it Off Tonight

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2012/05/26, 08:04 PM
Ever worked in an office?

Ever get sucked in by that guy whose going to McDonald's and asks you if you want anything?  It's okay, because you're going to run tonight, and you'll just burn it off.

Will you though?

If you have that sort of thought in your mind, remember this.  Fast food like McD's has very little nutritional value.  That stuff sitting in your belly is doing nothing good for you except upping your cholesterol, blood pressure, and your body fat percentage.

Burning off 1100 calories of slop isn't the same as burning off your usual 400ish calorie meal.  Remember that when you think to yourself, "why isn't the fat coming off?"
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2016/06/16, 09:23 AM
I like it. Thank you!
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2016/08/02, 12:27 PM
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2016/08/13, 05:48 PM (Edited: mattaz - 2016/08/13, 05:52 PM)
hahaha wow my girlfriend asks me that everytime she goes. Do you want anything? or even worse what do you want. I am overweight and been riding my bike 10 miles 7 days a weak for at least 4 or 5 or more months and i am wondering is the weight coming off?

Fast food is probably killing my efforts  that sucks but i try not to eat big portions at home or fast food and i drink mostly water and hardly any more junk food unless there is noting in the house to eat then i eat some to feed my paining ulcer. Like a few mitues ago i was hungry but she did buy me a yogart when i saw it i was like thank GOD. I don't have to eat some crap until later when i can't find something else. Later maybe i can make a protein shake. It taste so bad though but i will suck it up.

but my busting my butt bike ride and resistance training has to be doing something though no? it just has to. I keep looking in the mirror i see my guns looking nice but the fat is hiding them i have to flex to see them and even then only at certain angles in the mirror lol.
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2017/01/30, 03:57 PM
I did a look see at the calorie count (forget the fat content) for a burger joint that is advertising meals for under $5 USD. You get a cheese burger, small fries, a small drink and a dessert pie. This meal is the smallest of everything. Wanna guess what the calorie count was? 1275 calories. Well over 50% of the recommended daily allowance for an active male and that's just for lunch. Image what it is if you upsize any of the items. That same $5 USD will sure buy a lot of fresh items that are much healthier for you. Fast food? No thanks.