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blown out calf muscle?

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2008/10/15, 09:04 AM
OW OW! I know how I did this (overdoing calf raises the first time in a long time), now I just need advice on how to get it healed up fast. I can't straighten my leg because the back of the calf is so tight, especially right behind the knee. It's 48hrs past injury - ice or heat? Neither? Should I be trying to stretch it out? Walking is difficult, so running is practically out of the question. I'm pissed at myself because I was doing so good... Well, I'll stick to eating right in any case until I'm back on the jogging track. Thanks!
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2008/10/15, 09:55 PM
While this sounds a bit weird it works for me. The problem can often be helped by working on the muscle that runs along the shin bone on the inside edge of your leg. (follow the line of the big toe up to the inside edge of your knee to find the muscle). Rub GENTLY with any of the anti inflam heat rubs (eg deep heat). Once the pressures released on that shin muscle the calf muscle relaxes and heals faster. Both hold your leg together so if ones in trouble the other also reacts.