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Belly fat, waistline fat and man boobs

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2024/06/16, 02:04 AM (Edited: giggs14 - 2024/06/16, 02:05 AM)
I am male, 5'7 and weight of around 163 lbs. I have mostly belly fat, love handles (fat on waist) and man boobs. I am already doing strength training (going to gym and do cardio along with weight lifting exercises). I am keeping my protein intake more than 100 grams everyday...yes I am eating carbs too which I need to reduce and more fiber instead. Been doing this over a month but I do not see any results. 

I know my BMI is in overweight category and I need to reduce only a few pounds to come into normal BMI range...however, I do not think that loosing just a few pounds will not make my belly fat or fat on chest go away completely. I know I am doing some thigs right and I need to improve on other aspects. What should I do in terms of exercises, food, etc. to reduce belly fat, love handles and man boobs within 2 months?