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Hi I'm an 18 year old male looking for a trainer willing to help someone out of personal satisfaction. Personally I have no means of payment. But i really need to find someone who would be willing to help someone to become fit. I need someone to be accountable with and someone who knows what they are talking about. This website is a great idea but i need someone who is willing to take it a step further, hopefully. If you are willing i would be extremely grateful for your kindness. You can email me at, this is a fake email just to sort out all the people who will email me for no reason. But if you email me i will email you back with me real email and we can get started. I really hope someone will help me.

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Accountability and help wanted

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2014/07/19, 11:32 AM
I,m looking for someone who is willing to help me on my second leg of my journey as i have hit a stumbling bloke in terms of progress.I have lost 65lbs to date and weight train 5days a week.I understand about macros and what i should be doing but doing off my own back isn,t motivating me.I,m looking for a trainer/support buddy to help me.
I,m 100% determined to put in the work and would be appreciated to anyone willing to help.I would love to have a trainer and be able to go to a gym but have no means avaliable at the present time.So any help would be sooo great.

Thank you
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2014/08/11, 01:20 PM
Hi i will defnately help you and maybe we can work together and keep track i am on the same road as u are i also have last bit of weight that i need to lose and gain muscle i am avalible almost every day except for weekend and if you are okay with elping me and me helping you please reply me as soon as possible we can work out together motivate eachother. You can also email me on 
                  i hope to hear from you soon hopefully by tomorrow.