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A reason why

2012/04/28, 10:47 AM
Most of the comments that I see from new members mention motivation , specifically a lack thereof or a desire for. I'm 59. I've remained fit most of my life. My diet isn't wild eyed clean and my training methods aren't what I would consider freakish. I lift, swim and walk long distance, work a large garden and spend a lot of time paddling a canoe or kayak.

Now here is the payoff. My total cholesterol is 140. My good HDL is high and my LDL is low. My triglycerides are in the mid to low range. Resting pulse is 54 and my BP hovers at 12/68 mostly Those are the areas that the doctor checks annually. Yesterday my wife and I went to a health fair that offers additional testing at a reduced rate. The health insurance situation for individual buyers in the USA sucks so we take advantage when our doctor bird dogs one of these testing fairs.

We were tested for bone density. Additionally they checked for artereal blockage in the arms, legs and neck. We checked out well. There was a test for atral fibrilation which went well as well.

If you're looking for motivation, this is the best kind that I can think of. Nobody gets out of this experience alive. But the longer you get to play and the better you feel, the better your chances to enjoy it longer.

Motivation comes from within. The benefits probably wont be immediate. But when you look back over a lot of years of making your body achieve that last rep, step, stroke or whichever last movement that you really had to fight for, the reason becomes crystal clear. You will be a geezer some day. You can do it on your ass or trying to do the next thing that you really want to do. Your body is the only one you have. Treat it like a temple or treat it like a tent. You get what you pay for.
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