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Being overweight is a common trait these days and there is not enough help out there. Find out how you can shed those pounds and improve yourself from within.

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When, not if I lose weight...

2011/11/11, 02:46 PM
Will I have flabby stretched skin that will need surgury to get rid of it?

To be honest, I will get into shape regardless of the stretchmarks. That being said, I want to know if I'll have extra skin to deal with after I get into shape so I don't become frustrated if I'm not toned and slimmed down.

I want to be healthy and fit, not just healthy and slender/flabby.
2011/11/14, 09:17 AM
for anyone who has these same concerns, I found this jewel of a post from Mccanntm and I wanted to share it with others who had the same question.

Quoting from mccanntm:

This line of posts (spot reducing Abs) seems to pop up like dandelions. I am not going to point out what has been said by wise moderators and fitness enthusiasts throughout this website ? that there is no such thing as spot reducing regardless what Suzanne Summers and other infomercial hosts may say! Or did I just say it.

Covert Bailey described fat loss this way ? (I am paraphrasing of course) Fat cells from different body parts have different activity levels. They get released to travel around the body at various times to see if it can be converted to energy by working muscles or necessary body activities. My chest and neck fat disappeared very quickly. So, in my body, fat in that area likely is released several times a day. In other areas of the body, fat is not so mobile. Belly and thigh fat is released one every six years.:big_smile:

Ok seriously. It took me 20 years to develop my stomach and love handles. Why would I expect them to disappear within 2 months and have the fat stay off? Since I joined this site, I look better than I have in years. Sure I would like to lose that last 10 pounds around my waist but I ?exercise? patience ? pun intended. I do not want to jeopardize the gains that I have made building valuable fat burning muscle so that I can have a 34? waist by Saturday. Neither should you.

Trust me. If you follow the regular exercise routine and eat good foods regulary throughout the day, as is recommend by the nutrition plan, you will achieve your goals. I know that some of the recommendations are counterintuitive. e. g. I gained all my weight when I was skipping breakfast (I will bet you I ate less than 10 breakfasts a year) and many times skipped lunch. I gained fat and lost muscle. I started the recommended exercise program but did not change my eating habits, Very little about my body changed. Finally I started reading the myriad of posts throughout the site that said you have to eat right. It felt weird to be eating breakfasts and lunches again. (I actually had a sticky note taped to my bathroom mirror that reminded me that I had to eat breakfast) The weight came off. Recently, one of my wife?s friends who had not seen me in a few months remarked, in front of my wife, that I was a hunk (I did not expect that at 47 years old) The exercise and nutrition plans on this website WORK!

If I stay the same weight (more or less) but continue to build muscle, the fat around my waist will come off eventually.



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