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What happens after you lean up?

2010/10/11, 10:55 AM
Hi, I am 5"7' 130lbs and im thinking about 12% on my bodycomp. Not sure tho.

I am currantly trying to lean up and rid my belly pouch and love handles. These are my problem areas, they never seem to deminish. I am also needing to see where im at and what areas need more work.

Does anyone know if you get lean and when you go back to building muscle does the fat come back more evenly on the body?

My workouts now are
Legs, abs and cardio. I have an arm injury(tennis elbow?, working with my doc to figure it out, had a cortisone shot last monday) that im dealing with so no upper body workouts for now.

thanks for any help you might have
2010/11/11, 10:30 PM
How it distributes CAN change after you get very lean. After I cut for my shows, I stored it slightly differently... but problem areas will likely remain stronghold for fat storage.

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2010/12/01, 03:42 PM
use a for the changes. It takes time.

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2010/12/10, 03:43 AM
Well one of these days maybe I will cut back below 12 and 15% although thats a tuff one for me. 10-12 is as far as Ive been. and never manage to stay there longer then 3 weeks either. even at 10-12% i still had the problem in those areas. Ill have to see what i can do for the new year a coming. thanks for your comment :)


I have two many mirrors in my but I do agree. thats the best way to check for change. thanks :)