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Posted on: 2012/02/11, 02:23 PM by: Rev316
Im new to this site but i am in major need of a lifestyle change. i have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy so cardio exercises are limited to walking or short jogs. i need ideas for good diets as well as some good exercises my goal is to get around 240 but be fit and not flabby. i started this goal when i was around 340 and so far im down to 290 im dropping weight but idk how. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rev316 Rev316 2012/02/11
    Thanks you both for advice and lyrical I did when I hit 298 but somehow I'm still dropping weight the only major thing I changed is my meal I have smaller consumptions but I also only eat 2 to 3 meals a day.
  • Cermakovia Cermakovia 2012/02/11
    Lyrical has a great idea with a food journal! It is so hard to help people with food suggestions when you don't know what they eat! Why don't your keep a food journal on your flog so people can look it over and make suggestions. If nothing else, when you go to eat something you shouldn't, you may not eat it knowing you have to write it down. Some broad pointers: *cut out all fast food/junk food and cut down as much as possible on processed foods. No more white bread/pasta/rice, cheese slices, frozen dinners, canned soups etc. *Eat three healthy meals and 2-3 healthy snacks during the day to boost your metabolism and no skipping meals. If you are able to swim, it is great cardio and tones your overall body. If not, simply walk "laps" in the shallow end of the pool. It's great cardio and will give you a bit of resistance training as well. Good Luck, keep us updated on your progress!
  • Lyrical_Damage Lyrical_Damage 2012/02/11
    Welcome! I am pretty new myself. I don't have much wisdom to help though. i will say that writing what you eat really helps to understand where changes need to be made. You already dropped a lot of weight with whatever you have been doing. Have you hit a plateau?