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FLog entries

  • So far so good

    I started a new meal plan a couple of weeks ago. The first week went well; I had prepped 3/4 of my food, so all I had to do was heat it up. The second week didn't go well, I think becaues I didn't prep my food. Well, I prepped my meat and that was...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2020/10/26
  • Ugh...

    Well, my mom was visiting all last week and I feel like all we did was eat LOL. I had grown stagnant with my workouts. Bored. BUT, I just realized that I could add more than one workout to my calendar! So now I am going to do circuit training t...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2020/09/29
  • CW 188.7lbs

    Weighed in this morning. 188.7. It’s ok though. I feel better than I have in weeks, so staying on track shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m focusing on protein with my diet, and low carb. Mostly I’m eating chicken and broccoli, and having recovery sha...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2020/06/23
  • Here we go again

    Welp. I keep returning to FreeTrainers because I love this program and it worked for me back in the day. I am heavier than ever...185lbs now. Maybe closer to 190...I haven't checked in about a week.  I participated in my second half marathon ye...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2020/06/22
  • What to do...?

    I haven't been able to fully get on track in a long time. I'm back and more determined than ever. I have plateued my weightloss, and I am on a very healthy, mostly raw veggie diet. I really wanted to invest in a home gym, but my husband doesn't...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2016/01/24
  • Day Three

    Well, yesterday I didn't do my workout from FreeTrainers.  I did, however, go to our local Fit Club (which I didn't think was going to start until tomorrow) and do the 1st Combat workout.  I was totally stoked.  Got an awesome workout.   Was ad...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2015/01/07
  • Well...I'm back

    So far, this is the only program that I have seen results from.   I got here almost a year ago, and was doing this program for a couple of months.  I lost 20lbs!  :-) I don't know what happened, but for whatever reason I stopped.  I honestly do...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2015/01/05
  • NEW TO THIS :)

    I am so happy to have found this site.  I have made it my homepage on my computer and my iPad (haven't checked for an app yet)  and I am about to get started with my first workout.  I don't have many friends where I live, and none that will join t...
    by: i.am.mrs.olney on: 2014/02/06