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  • The Firm Express - thin in 30 - Day 1

    This week i've been keeping a calorie count, watching what I'm eating and the portions. I've cut out soda and have only had 8 ounces one day this week. I haven't been exercising at all this week, until today. I started the firm express thin in ...
    by: CosmicWitch on: 2012/01/07
  • Day Two

    Today is day two. still doing pretty good i guess. I was 167 calories under yesterday. I took down the christmas tree and decorations. Yeah I know it's before the 6th (Three King's Day) but my grams was flipping out and complaining about it. smh. ...
    by: CosmicWitch on: 2012/01/04
  • First day

    Today's the first day of me trying to get into shape, again. I tried two years ago and was actually doing well until I ended up getting sick due to lack of nutrition. So I stopped. When I stopped, I ended up developing a gall bladder problem and g...
    by: CosmicWitch on: 2012/01/03