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Posted on: 2012/01/03, 10:46 AM by: JessicaLovey412
ok i here is a little history about me... My name is Jessica and i am 18 years old. I spent my whole childhood fat. not obese, overweight but FAT! i always felt horrible about myself. In my lasy year of highschool i was diagnosed with bulimia.. needless to say i lost 100lbs in 3 months... my body was always hurting but i never noticed cause i felt soooo good about myself. Sure i was hurting my body but what did I care? I was finally thin! WELL... the last time i was sent to the hospital the doctor said straight out "Jessica, if you keep doing this you will die." i was scared, and my dad was having a melt down. His favorite singer ( karen carpentor) died of bulimia and he didnt wanna lose his daughter. it got me thinking. is there a way to lose weight without causeing much pain to my body but still getting speedy result? i tried every diet. EVETY SINGLE ONE! nothing ever worked for me... it always ended up being i lost 2 lbs in one weeks but then i gained 4 the next.. yeah i do have to say that i did think about doing what i did before.. i was really determined not to. when i fist joined here and saw the work outs i was excited. i own every dvd there is on losing weight and they are just boring and get old too fast. sooo this is my diet... cup of coffee 1/4 c. skimk milk and 2 splendas', for lunch a can of tuna with salt and pepper. and dinner is always a grilled low fat meat and some veggies. i cut almost all forms of carbs out of my diet. i still get my vitamins cause i take supplements and i get food in my stomach. sure i do have days i workout and then i dont eat cause i dont wanna feel like its a waste but i atleast try to eat something usually. i would advise you not to try this because yeah... it is completly dangerous. i burn about 2000+ calories and i get about 500 if that. needless to say i have lost weight. alot healthier than i was but not the healthiest way. i told myself that when i reach my goal.. (115 lbs) i will slowly add more and more food to my diet until i am healthily taking enough food in while still burning it off.


  • george george 2012/01/03
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Your experience would be a great asset for the groups.