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Tough workout

Posted on: 2019/11/27, 05:24 PM by: vaneramos
The entire workout took about an hour. This time I remembered to do two reps of everything that called for it. For some reason the single arm overhead extensions were ok this time, even 2 reps with 8 lb weights.

The only thing that really killed me was the pushups. After two reps of BK push ups I was so friggin burnt out I was ready to give up completely. I saying, "Ok, it's only the second workout, getting this far is a success." Then I remembered the next exercises were the squats, which are my favourite part of the workout, and lunges, which gave me a high last time. So instead I said, "Just skip the inclinded push ups and keep going." That was a better success. I finished the rest of the workout.

I didn't enjoy the workout as much, and I didn't get the same high as last time. But I feel like I worked harder and made progress.