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Stll going!

Posted on: 2012/03/10, 11:42 PM by: Teensy
Even though i might not write on my flog everyday i am stll going at it every day, it feels sooooo good to be able to jog again, still not running again yet but i feel i wiil be able to very soon!! I'm still jogging for a 1/2 hour to 40 minutes a day plus a full body workout or i mix it up with exercises that target the areas i most want to work on.  My core strength is still weaker than i would like though, I'm going to buy myself and the kids some skipping ropes this week so that will be something new to get the heart going :)


  • [Former member] 2012/03/12
    Sounds great! Jogging can be hard at the beginning but your body eventually gets used to it. Take it easy, it doesn't matter if running is still not possible. Keep up the great work! Leah
  • CRNP CRNP 2012/03/12
    Go teensy! I hear ya with updating the flog, hard to remember to do it! Glad to see you are taking it slow and working yourself back into running! Good luck and great job!!
  • [Former member] 2012/03/11
    you should give my core exercises a shot. I do the squats [single and double leg] dead lifts and lunges once a week but the weighted crunches, weighted back hypers, lying leg tucks, lying side leg tucks. lying side leg raises and supermans in every work out. You have to love the pain in the beginning.