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ReBoot: Week 2

Posted on: 2012/07/30, 02:30 AM by: williamhcroom3
30 July: Feeling great. Lower body work-out. (abs, back, hips, thighs, calves) Felt tired but "good". Looking forward to a great day. If the rain holds off, maybe get a 20-30 minute walk into the mix.


  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/03
    3 AUG: Full out stretch. Light work-out. (1 set 20 count, all muscle groups). Its FRIDAY, choirs around the house to do. Time to get my weekend (eating and work-out) habits, to match my weekday ones.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/02
    2 Aug: Feeling more "like myself". Little "pep-in-my-step". Upper body work out this morning. Feeling good. Looking forward to the week end. I've noticed that no-one offered me a cigarette after i quit, but as i lose weight/mass, i'm offered food, lol.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/01
    1 Aug: Feeling a little tired but i pushed through lower body work-out this morn. Maybe too much sleep last night. Still feeling "groggy". Coffee time to wake up.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/07/31
    31July: Feeling good. Full body streatch. Upper body work-out. Didn't get the full walk i wanted yesterday, but there's always today. Haven't had the major weight loss moment yet (not so much cardio) but have lost another 1/2 inch in waist. MUSCLE BURNS FAT.