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Posted on: 2014/03/19, 04:49 AM by: Liberality91
So this is a "Flog"...

I never thought I'de get to the day where I'd be writing a fittness diary again, I read a fittness diary of a SUPER hot girl I know a while back, she's started beoming a "Boss Girl" as ego-hungry girls like to call it. She's been doing really well and so it sort of inspired me to, one-day, begin my own. I'm aware she probably thinks no one really reads it, but I do, I wouldnt tell her that though because we barely know each other so it would be a bit weird. 

Without further re-do!

I'll admit I probably won't keep writing this, I'de love to hear from you if you are reading It would really inspire me to write on and thus carry on with my workout. 

I've got no drive at the moment, I ride a lot which has pulled my cardio into shape and inspired me to work harder. But I have a minor problem with smoking cannabis after a hard days work, which really hinders my drive to go to the gym and even worse so, my attention span in the gym. I'de like to go high like I see some people do, as I beleive it helps with the Buzz (I ride high).

Armed with two tubs of Promax-
On Monday 24th I'll be joining my local gym and starting the 12-week mass workout - Phase 1. Lets see how that goes then, If I can confidently whip my shirt off infront of people this summer, I'll be happy.



  • Minimus Minimus 2014/03/20
    I've learned that exercise can be addicting. For me, it has replaced other bad habits/ addictions. Good luck! I look forward to more of your flogging :)
  • kattyfigs kattyfigs 2014/03/19
    Good luck with the program! I'm sure you can push through it :D