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Posted on: 2012/10/26, 02:02 PM by: yadmit
Program Minimum

Start: 7:02am
Finish: 8:06am

Warm Up: ETK - 9:45 with 2x5 pull ups and 2x10 dowel deads

Practice: Goblet Squats 5 sets of 1 with the 16kg - spent some time at the bottom

TGU: 5/side with 12kg - 9:30

Roller & Stretch: 28:00

Thoughts: Upped the TGU reps to five per side... felt alright, but I'm not sure I 'own' the weight yet. Guess I'll see in a week or so!



  • yadmit yadmit 2012/10/28
    TGU is a Turkish Get Up and ETK is short for the book "Enter the Kettlebell." Kinda the kettlebell bible for us kettlebell folk.
  • kolhy kolhy 2012/10/28
    Hi Tim, what is TGU and ETK? LOL @ Charlies comment!!!
  • yadmit yadmit 2012/10/26
  • [Former member] 2012/10/26
    Tim my brother, I workout so I can eat cookies. My wife puts frosting on ginger snaps for me. It's sex..