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my circuit

Posted on: 2018/11/09, 09:00 PM by: sandil
warm up: 2.5 km walk at 5km/hr
trx: squats, lunges, rows, golf swing, lats 3x15
dumbells 10lbs, 3x15
tricept pull downs 45lbs, 3x15
pec deck 65lbs, 3x15
assisted pull ups 65lbs, 3x15
lat machine (can't remember name0 35lbs, 3x15
clams 3x30
and i end with fall planks (stir the pot) 5 stirs each way 4x's
walk home slightly slower

i hope to do this 2x's a week and aquafit 4x's depending on work schedule

my hope is to complete a walking 1/2 marathon in april 2019.....wish me luck!