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Motivated and loving it!!!

Posted on: 2012/02/07, 07:20 AM by: Moonlmc
Well the weekend past along with the SUPER BOWl and I lost 3 lbs. It was a nailbiter for me. Being surrounded by so many foods and smells, i almost did not make it. I still have the 5 day workout program of hiting the major parts of the body and starting to see some results. I can not wait for the meal program to be load to see what can help me on this journey. I love my life and the people in it. My dad and brother's brithday this month along with my and just glad to have them around for one more year. My dad and brother are getting in better shape along with me. Our family has high blood pressure, excessive weight gain,additive habits and other family issues, but it good to know that we are fighting those demons everday and still standing. I'm just pray that i'm setting the postive example for my son and nephew right now. Life is short and we need to enjoy it. I can not believe the this feeling that i have now. I want to scream from the rooftop about my success and my love of it. I hate hearing of people putting themselvs down. I know we have people and friends we want to love us but if we do not love ourself who will. I may be still a big guy but i love my life and would not change a thing about it. I have learned to much and still learning. GOD thank you for the journey and contiue to be with me though this.