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Posted on: 2017/09/19, 09:28 PM by: androidmacoy
I just turned 43 and no serious health problem ever experience aside from common colds, i am a all natural advocate but taking vitamin C and Multi vitamins as support to my low carb diet program. This work out and diet plan are more on preventive measures and keeping healthy and active. Due to work nature most desk paper and computer work job prevented me to take more physical activities.My goal is to accumulate physical work out atleast 3 times a week and 2 hours home exercise per session duration of 3 months and level up in 6 months to lost atleast 3kg to 5kg in weight.Current Body Weight: 87kg (as of Sept 20, 2017)Goal: 80KGWaist Line: 36 InchesGoal: 34 Inches87kg down to 80kg in 3 months - september to december 201780kg down to 75kg in 3 months - december to march 201875kg down to 70kg maintaining weight level is the main goalDIET MANAGEMENT60% vegetable and fruits20% Fish10% Meat10% CarbMEAL MANAGEMENTBreakfastsnackSkip LunchSnackDinner