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Expect change: Week 4

Posted on: 2012/05/27, 08:24 PM by: williamhcroom3
Week 4 starts anew. Cardio M,W,F & home muscle T, T and sat. Whew, cant wait to start and feel the difference.


  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/06/03
    Didn't end the week or start the month on greatest of terms. Friday and Saturday was spent nursing a sore elbow, both ankles and a sore knee. Finally caught up with me i guess. Feeling better now. Will restart Monday.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/31
    31 May: Muscle day. Been adding 2-3 reps per set. If continues feeling good, may just change the rep count by 5 for next week and run with that for 1-2 weeks.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/30
    did two-20 minute walks at work and then a 25 minute walk at home with the kids. Then......the rain (AGAIN!).
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/30
    AAH! RAIN. Got stretched and dressed, ready to walk out the door for my walk,,,RAIN! Well. Won't let it get me totally down. Do a full stretch routine. Try to get in my walk on break at work, or walk with wife and kids when i get home, If No RAIN!!
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/29
    29 May: Feeling great. New work-out week already under way. New work week starts after long weekend. Just all-around feeling good.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/28
    Starting the week off with a bang. Did "laps" in the house (Raining outside). Did the stairs for 14 minutes straight. WHOOOOOAH!