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Expect change: Week 3

Posted on: 2012/05/21, 02:45 AM by: williamhcroom3
21May: 285lbs. "back to work" in more ways then one. raising the bar today. Only the morning work-out alone will not erase the yaers of abuse to my body. Started calves as supplemental today. 3 sets each of single leg and dual leg raises. Feelin it. Whew!


  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/27
    26 May. Finished out week three rather "weak". Stretched, did one set, then walked around stores. Oh well. Cant get me own.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/25
    25 May: FRIDAY! Figured out how i want to retool my work out calender starting next week. Heres to the weekend. (and the last 2 days on current workout cycle.)
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/24
    24 May: Back to the grind. Not feeling 100% but who's got time to slow down. Really seeing where things need to be and they shouldnt be. Now its just the matter adressing the problem and then applying the solution.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/23
    23 May. Rest day. TTTIIIRRREEEDDD!!!
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/22
    Changed set count from 10/10 to 15/15 for all exercises for the day. Yeah, i'm tired now. Whew. Time for an all around stretch set, then coffee and go to work. Great start to the day.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/21
    21May continued.. Did 30 min. walk around neighborhood pushing youngest in stroller. I am again reminded of how far i let myself go.WHEW! "Been a long time coming, but change gonna come"