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Expect change: Week 2

Posted on: 2012/05/14, 03:07 AM by: williamhcroom3
14 May2012, 287lbs: Feeling great. Start of week two.( Lunges still suck ) Start getting the planning together for cardio additions to home work-out. Also start planning the nutrition portion of "Diet & Excercise". Here's to the start of a great week.


  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/21
    Last of the week. Rest day. This is the last of the "just" work-out weeks. raising the bar after today.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/19
    19 May; Saturday. Slept in till 7am. feeling a little "groggy". Did repeated sets of stretches. Knocked out workout early evening along with extra sets on lunges, crunches and home-squats. Tried 5 minutes straight of cardio. (Im in for some pain next week) Sunday rest day.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/18
    18 May: whew. Friday.Feeling a little "sluggish" this morning. Got the routine done, felling a "little" better. Week 2 almost in the books.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/17
    17 May, back in action. Well, got next weeks additional work-out figured out. Gonna alternate LEGS and CARDIO in addition to all around currently on.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/16
    16 May, rest day. Still gonna be amped!
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/05/15
    15 May: Whew! Feeling good. Looking to be a great day. With tomorrow being rest day, I think i'll do one more set after my walk this evening.