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Down 1 lb..... 11 more to go!

Posted on: 2003/12/17, 09:17 AM by: triciakent
Did 30 minutes of sprints today. 5 minute walking warm up, 3 minute running at 8 minute mile and then 1 - 1.5 minute sprints ranging from 7 - 6.3 minute miles w/ a 1 - 1.5 minute cool down until I reached 30 minutes. Extremely hungry this morning. Had 2 scoops of Spiru-Tein, one banana, 1.4 cups of skim milk and 1 tbsp of pb for breakfast, feel a little hungry still.


  • triciakent triciakent 2003/12/18
    forgot...also had 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ raisins for PM snack.
  • triciakent triciakent 2003/12/17
    Fryer91....hey thanks so much...felt great. Doing sprints like that at 5:30 am really gets the heart pumping.
  • triciakent triciakent 2003/12/17
    Alright lets see....ate today... Breakfast listed above AM snack: 4 slices of orange. Lunch: Big salad w/ about 1/4 cup veggie crumbles (soy meat), 10 low fat triscuits Dinner: Taco's made w/ 96% fat free hamburger, 1 oz cheese, plenty of lettuce and tomatoes PM snack: Weight watchers frozen desert Headed to the gym for lifting but ended up talking on the phone..grrr. Have to go in am for more HIIT and then at lunch for lifting and another 30 of cardio.
  • fryer91 fryer91 2003/12/17
    Awesome workout there triciakent!!Oh, to be able to sprint on purpose; I haven't been able to do that for years; unless you count the mad dashes to the bathroom after a night of hot & spicy food...Keep up the great workouts!