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Day 3 - How often do you step on the scale?

Posted on: 2012/06/05, 07:14 AM by: Natsu2
So, Day 3 is here and I remember why I hate shoulder exercises!  My shoulders are probably the weakest muscle in my body and they are CRYING right now! lol  Today, I'm off to work on abs and back, so this should make for a shorter workout.  :)

So, just curious, how often do you check if you've lost weight?  I'm one of those people who need instant gratification so I'm on the scale everyday.  It's a horrible idea for someone like me because my mood definitely depends on what that damn machine says.  Luckily, I've lost 2 lbs in 2 days.  I would love for that to be consistent, but I know at one point, the weight wil be at a standstill.  I would put the scale away in the closet where I can't see it everday, but my hubby also uses it to check his stats.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful workout today!