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A New Start!

Posted on: 2018/03/26, 07:34 PM by: Atlien
I use to be a gym rat when I was Active Duty Military.  But since retirement from service almost 8 years ago, my fitness and health has all but disappeared.  I'm 51 years of age now, 6'1", 275 lbs, with a 3 year old granddaughter that takes everything out of me when we play.  My goal is to get back into shape so I can enjoy time spending with my grandchild.  I want to get lean and lose weight.  So today, about an hour ago, my beautiful wife and I joined a gym.  Tomorrow starts the first day of this new start.  Here's to a New Start!


  • Jac48 Jac48 2018/03/29
    Sounds like you have good motivation to get back into shape!! Hope you stick with it.