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Posted on: 2013/11/13, 08:17 AM by: bdattel

I didn't get to workout because I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off/:( First work, then math class, then a paper was due in psychology. My paper sucked, I did it on MPD, multiple personality disorder and why it's commonly misdiagnosed. Whatever. My inspiration came from a book I've been reading, Katherine It's Time. It is suppose to be a true story of the multiple personalities of Kit Castle. 97 % of the time the disorder comes from extreme childhood trauma and absue. It's very sad and unimaginable. One of her personalities has physic abilities that other people think they saw manifest. I guess I am a skeptic cause I am like, ya right is this for real. But it's intesting to read anyways.


  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2013/11/13
    Phhheeewww, I thought I was going to have to grade you on spelling. We started back to a full 50 minute yoga workout. We use a DVD. Both of us were so sore the second day. It's day 4 and the pain is just barely there.
  • bdattel bdattel 2013/11/13
    Interesting to read not intesting, jeez you would think I wasn't going to college. :)